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We invite you all to join us in chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for world peace.
The essence of evolution of humanity is the growth in individual human wisdom, the enfolding of all global knowledge, the enhancement of human creativity and enlightenment and the love of art, culture and true civilisation.
We currently have a planet which is rampant in its predisposition to materialism and profit at the expense of life. It negates even the value of human life, and in this mounting whirlpool engenders economic, technological, social, moral and ecological crisis.
The recent war will have devastating human and environmental consequences.
The time has come for the world community to recognize that war, rather than an instrument for the elimination of terrorists and aggressors, is a crime against humanity. It is itself an act of aggression that threatens human life, and the environment on which human life vitally depends. be heard.
The core crisis is a spiritual one. We must get back to the essence of who we are and understand the infinite potential within humanity.
We invite all people to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for World Peace
Let us open the gates of wisdom
And the final frontiers of perception
And cast the gleaming jewel of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Like a ball Into the Universe
That the words confront and transform
A Humanity torn from ashes
Into the Phoenix which soars
Into the skies of infinite peace

When the critical number of people chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo together, at the same moment, throughout the world, a planetary transformation will begin to occur.
We propose to chant for peace around the world …gradually increasing the number of participants in each country…so that eventually, there will be Daimoku for Peace continuously, throughout the day and night.
The biosphere is a unique culture which is completely different from the specific characteristics of nations as it is a complex matrix of life where everything supports itself at the expense of everything else.
The planetary peace culture of Kosen Rufu
" Is life affirming.
" Transcends national and regional barriers.
" Is based on the deepest values of humanity.
" Is the essence of human rights and existence.
" Speaks for the Universal Mystic Law which expresses the oneness of all humanity and all life
" Expresses no distinction between creeds and ideologies, cultures or races.
" Is an expression of the profound inseparable connection between life and all phenomena

Please email me if you wish to participate in chanting. Please state at what times in your country you are willing to chant.
Please let your friends know and inform me by email, so that we can add you to our list of people on our website. We will send you a regular newsletter with emails of all people chanting. We will also appreciate your contributions to this newsletter.
Dr Michael Ellis,
Ms Jager Holly Asano Kajikawa
Ms Michiko Kajikawa Marques
Mr Ralph Cyr
Ms Gina