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"Life itself is the most precious of all treasures. Even the treasures of the entire universe cannot equal the value of a single human life. Life is like a lamp, and food like oil. When the oil is gone, the flame will die out, and without food, life will cease."

The Gift of Rice—1270s

Major Writings ,
Vol. 1.of Nichiren Daishonin

"The Buddha of the true cause
( for enlightenment ) "

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Millions of people have revolutionised their lives through this dynamic Buddhist practice. It is a living actual Buddhism, based on chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to the Great Mystical Mandala or Gohonzon. Established by Nichiren Dai Shonin, the true Buddha of Time Without Beginning, on April 28th 1253, in Japan, and continued ever since by the Priesthood at the Head Temple at Taisekiji,

Nam is "Devotion" ( to the Mystic Law )

Myoho is The Mystic law of Life—The emergence of the highest state of life –The Buddha state- from within

Renge means the "Lotus" It represent the law of (karma and all its ramifications) the simultaneity of cause and effect ...and the emergence of our Buddha state in terms of benefit, happiness and fulfillment

Kyo is the thread connecting everything- weaving its way through the past, the present and the future ---It represents all the teachings or sutras of the Buddha and the wisdom and compassion of the universe—It also refers to the vibration or "sound" of the Buddha state...

"I devote myself in mind, body and voice, to the perfect mystic teaching hidden in the depths of the Lotus Sutra."

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo