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The Buddha Nature

The body is the palace of the ninth consciousness; the unchanging reality which rules over all life's phenomena (Nichiren Daishonin). Nichiren Daishonin gave concrete expression to this fundamental reality or ninth consciousness as Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and gave physical form of his enlightenment to the original cosmic life in the Gohonzon.

The Buddha nature is the Dharma nature and the Dharma nature is enlightenment. Therefore, if you recite the Daimoku once then the Buddha nature of all living beings will be summoned and gather around you. At that time, the three properties of the Dharma nature within you will be drawn forth and become manifest together. This is called attaining Buddhahood (Nichiren Daishonin).

When this pure life force permeates our entire being our senses are cleansed and we have much greater clarity of wisdom with which to perceive the physical and abstract world and cleanse our karma.

The three properties of the Dharma nature are:

  • The property of the Law (Hosshin)
  • The property of Wisdom (Hoshin)
  • The property of Action (Ojin)

The Buddha has a true entity representing the property of the Law, a bliss body representing enlightened wisdom and a physical body through which he conducts his merciful actions.

In other Buddhist teachings these three properties are often explained as being three different Buddhas.

Without exception, all other Buddhist teachings state you may possibly attain enlightenment in the very distant future after many, many lifetimes of undergoing countless expiations of unhappy karma. This teaching states that this is not the case. As soon as you start chanting you gain access to the ocean of universal enlightenment through the Law of simultaneity of cause and effect.