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Is the expression of the ultimate truth of life and the essential reality of life.

NAM is Sanskrit and MYOHO RENGE KYO is ancient Japanese. NAM means Devotion or Dedication and is the perfect representation of one's own life with the eternal truth - MYOHO RENGE KYO. NAM means to become one with the eternal truth of life, draw infinite energy from this source and take positive action towards relieving the suffering of others.

MYOHO is the Mystic Law. MYO is unmanifest and HO is manifest.

MYO is the substance of eternal truth from which all phenomena (HO) arise. MYO also means revelation, endowment and perfection. HO also means Law as a substantive phenomenon.

RENGE, the Lotus, is the profound Law of causality (cause and effect) and enables us to change unhappiness into happiness.

KYO means Sutras (teaching) and also vibration and eternity. It expresses the continuity of life throughout the past, the present and the future. In a broader sense, it means the activities of all living beings and of all phenomena in the universe.

When you chant this mantra, you experience ultimate reality and enlightenment. It is the ultimate law of life and is the life force, wisdom, energy and compassion which is the basis and building block of the whole cosmos.

MYOHO RENGE KYO is a jewel of ultimate wisdom representing expression of potentiality from unmanifest to manifest. The aim of the teaching is for people to chant and express their full human potential to enable them to be happy and fulfilled in a cooperative world.

Everything changes - nothing is permanent - transcending the sufferings of life and death we attain enlightenment to this truth. This teaching is based on enlightenment from the start. When you chant, enlightenment is expressed within the depths of your being, although you may not realise it.

Please try chanting

To find out how to pronounce the sound correctly please phone Michael on
0414 543 397. If you wish to come along to a meeting please let us know.