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The Dai Gohonzon is the first of the Three Great Secret Laws of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin.

'Gohonzon' literally means, 'Honourable object of worship or respect', and is the focal point of our Buddhist practice. The Dai Gohonzon was inscribed by the Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin (The Original Buddha of time without beginning - Kuon Gango), in his state of highest enlightenment. He understood the law permeating the universe and all life within it, expressing it as the Dai Gohonzon, the original Gohonzon, enshrined today in the Sacred Sanctuary at the Head Temple in Japan.

All Gohonzon derive from the Dai Gohonzon. The Gohonzons enshrined in our homes are a transcription made by the residing High Priests of the original Dai Gohonzon. Consequently, each Gohonzon has written on it "I copied this", and the signature of the High Priest.

The Gohonzon embodies the essence of the entire Lotus Sutra which in turn is the essence of all the Buddha's so-called 82,000 sutras or teachings. It embodies the very essence which underlies all religions. It is a perfect representation of the Treasure Tower and the Ceremony in the Air. In other words, it represents life and the cosmos in the grandest possible sense and is a celebration and an affirmation of life itself. There is no other such object of worship to be found anywhere else in the world.

The Dai Gohonzon from which all Gohonzons arise represents the fusion of the person and the Law. It has been likened to a mirror so that when we chant to it, we polish our lives and clear away the debris of old and unwanted habits and patterns of behaviour, unhappy memories and unhappy karma. It is supreme as it represents and actualises the fusion of our lives with the life of the universe and the life of the Buddha of time without beginning (Nichiren Dai Shonin).

It enables us to gain mastery of our lives and happiness.